• 2018 (Summer): Ph.D. in Strategic Communication at Gaylord College of Journalism & Mass Communication, University of Oklahoma. Major: Advertising.
  • 2015 (Summer), Master of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communication, Institution: Gaylord College of Journalism & Mass Communication, University of Oklahoma. Major: Advertising.
  • Diploma Program: August 2009- February 2010: E-governance, Information Communication Technology for Development, Institution: Orebro University, Sweden.
  • 2007, Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Institution: University of Dhaka, Major: International Business.
  • 2006, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Institution: University of Dhaka, Major: Marketing.

I took several courses relating to strategic communication in my undergraduate and graduate studies back home. At OU, I took several relevant courses so far. Here is the list of some courses that may describe my knowledge in the field. A brief description of each course is also provided.

Social Influence (aka Persuasion and Attitude Change)

This course covered current and classic theory within the area of social influence focusing specifically on persuasion and attitude change.

Social Network Analysis (Advanced Topic in Communication)

This class covered advanced theories and practices of social network analysis (SNA) in the field of communication. Beside the major theories, I also learned the application of one of the most popular SNA software, UCINET.

Seminar in Cognitive Sciences (aka Decision Theory & Risk Science)

One of the best classes I have taken so far at OU! I learned how to make decisions that are optimized for the most good (utility) regardless of the discipline. I was exposed to theories and practical knowledge from psychology, economics, and business.

Social Analytics

This was a special class that I took from the business college. It was completely devoted to social analytics, and social media data analytics. I learned some good software in this class including, NodeXL Pro, Language Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC), R, and Weka. We prepared and presented a group project on the business schools’ rhetorical mechanism of Twitter engagement.

Experimental Method of Psychology

An advanced level method class. I learned a lot about the experimental research design, associated problems, and how to deal with those issues.

Factor Analysis and Structural Equation Modelling (FASEM)

It was completely a new learning for me! The class dealt with the diverse aspects of model building, fitting, and measuring the fitness of the model. I prepared a project and presented in the class poster session at the end of the semester.

News and Information (aka Information Processing)

This was a doctoral level advanced topics class specially designed to the study of information processing of communication messages. Beside theoretical exposure, I learned how to prepare a national level research grant proposal. At the end of the semester, I actually had to submit a grant proposal designed for a National Science Foundation (NSF) research.

Brand Experience in Media/Marketing (aka Advertising Experience & Relationship Building)

I took this PhD level advanced topics class in Summer of 2014. This course was a major learning place for research area. Advanced and emerging topics from advertising, media, brand experience, marketing etc. were taught in this course. I also learned how to conduct complicated research projects using multiple methods. This course is a great help for my ongoing research.

Advertising Copy and Layout

In this course, I learned the basics of advertising copy and layout. I did multiple individual and team assignments focusing on how to create advertising for various media. I learned the basic functions of Adobe Photoshop CS, InDesign CS, and iMovie software.

Introduction to Research Methods

Advertising and PR field requires a lot of research skills. In this course, I learned the basic research methods and how to develop a research proposal. I have also learned how to use SPSS software.

Quantitative Research Methods

This course gave me advanced knowledge about quantitative research methods. I have had hands-on learning on how to conduct quantitative research. As team member, I participated in a real research project and wrote a paper on the study. I hope learning from this course would give a solid foundation on research in advertising industry.

Business Communication

I learned the communication skills needed to handle clients, in this course. I learned how to communicate with clients using multiple media, how to avoid negativism & biases in the communication, and also how to create standard communication material (print & online).

Product and Brand Management

This course gave me a solid foundation of understanding brand. The success of advertising lies in understanding and position brand precisely. From this course I learned, what is a brand and why it is so important for advertising.

Advertising and Public Relations

It was a basic course in advertising and public relations. I learned the major theories, media and advertising planning in this course. I also learned from this course, how to implement a PR campaign.